Friday, February 29, 2008

Frampton Chicken Comes Alive....

Tonight Mr. Chicken goes back in time, and works undercover as Pete Frampton...The mission is of utmost necessity, as he must defend the stage against a hostile infiltration of anti-Frampton chickens...

This is the latest installment in the life of Mr. Chicken :) I have so many more ideas for this-- wish there was more time in the day! ....I really wish I could figure out how to put music on this blog, so some Frampton Music would just start blaring when the page opens :)

Yes, Frampton is still alive :) he he he!!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Check Out the Cool Artwork of Dollface Design! :)

Isn't her work amazing? She is one of my favorites over on Etsy. Dollface Design makes many of her collages by incorporating elements of both traditional and digital collage. In this particular peice, titled "Bunny Royal-Vintage Paper Collage," she prints the collage out onto antique ledger paper....Way cool! I just love that look :). This piece is part of her Vintage Paper series-- which I just LOVE!!!! And here's something really cool-- I was the 1,000 person to list her as a favorite, and won a free print of my choosing :) What a sweetie she is-- and talented to boot! :) Check out more artwork by Dollface Design at the following websites :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I Made the Front Page on Etsy Last Night!

I love budanART-- she put me in one of her lovely treasuries, and the lovely treasury she made was picked for the front page-- oh my gosh!!!! Yeah :) This was on the front page last night-- then I sold it! Yeah :) I was feeling slightly frustrated in my Etsy endeavors, so this really made my day--night :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Yeah! I made my first sale at Parkards :)

I'm so happy... I just got an email from Heidi at Parkards, telling me a greeting card with my image on it sold! Yeah!!!! It was a picture I completed in colored pencils....maybe I should do more of these...I like colored pencils a lot, but have mostly been working in watercolors in recent years...I think I should do a few more of these colored pencil peices....I want to get back into oils too...there's just so many things I want to try, and limited time...ARGGGG... Oh well, I'm happy. I'm thinking it's probably a good thing to be well rounded :)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Anyone out there have a Chicken Fetish?

No, seriously folks....) I'm just screwing with ya-- to each his own though :) I start my post with this title because I am starting a new series of original artwork: The Mr. Chicken Series....

It just came to me yesterday, sort of randomly...I was looking at one of my greeting card illustrations, which I was fond of-- it was a chicken, and I thought Hey, I like chickens....and then some kind of unconscience weirdness happened...and then came my first painting in the series, "Punk Rock Chicken,"....and then tonight, I created "Astronaut chicken." I have a long list of future paitning ideas, and am obnoxiosly giddy about this.

The thing is, I am a total perfectionist when it comes to my art-- some paintings taking months to complete, even years...seriously. So I wanted to do something kind of dorky, and funny, yet something I could complete within 1-3 days-- hence, the Mr. Chicken series was born.... (And the only reason I can complete them fairly quickly is because they are ACEO's-- (artist trading cards-- measuring 2.5 by 3.5 inches)....Anyway, I'm digging my freaky ass new series..hopefully some of you guys will too :)-
Long live Mr. Chicken....