Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mr. Chicken Goes to Disney Land!!!

Little does Mickey know, the Mouseketeers (cleverly disguised as lambs), were only the appetizer... Hannibal Chicken also has an insatiable hunger for all barn yard animals, including big-eared vermin in fanciful costumery...

RIP Cubby, Annette, and Mickey... :(

Friday, December 25, 2009

Mr. Chicken takes a scenic drive in lovely Savannah GA, accompanied by thee Lars Ulrich.

They argue over which album, is in fact, thee best Metallica album of all -- Master of Puppets, And Justice For All, or The Black Album... Ultimately they cannot decide, and find themselves pursuing the shadow people who live in Bonaventure cemetary. They repeatedly listen to ¨Hero of the Day¨ as they smoke 3 packs a piece during their ghost hunting adventures. Lars then attempts to convince Mr. chicken that he should dismember himself, learn morse code, and join the act. However, Mr. Chicken cannot himself earn any money off of this venture-- otherwise he will most likely be sued by the other members of the band ....

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mr. Chicken Has a Fan Page on Facebook!!! :D

Hannibal Chicken prepares for a fine dining experience....mmm...LUNCH!!!! :D

yes that's right-- yeah!!!! It should be fun-- some new stuff too -- like "Mr. Chicken Sightings"...I think I might just have to go full out and have fun with this-- think random sketches and web comics, we shall see :)...If you like Mr. Chicken and want to be a fan, just follow the link! (feel the chicken love people)...

Friday, December 11, 2009

Random Video of the Day!!!-- "Smoke" by Ben Folds Five

I've been listening to this one over and over the past couple of days...mostly in my studio as I paint, but also on You Tube. It is the right song for right now...I think it's the tune and tone of it all...Hope you like it!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Aerobic Chicken...#17A

After escaping the dank confines of his Baltimore cell, Mr. Chicken has the urge to partake in fun-filled calisthenics to regain his girlish figure. To re-establish such bodily glory, he brings back the fro, puts on his cutest striped shorts, and starts sweating to the oldies... Yes, even his perspiration radiates the most fabulous camp and flamboyance! That's right ladies, get that body going-- oh yeah!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Chickens for Sale!!!

In honor of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and of course-- chickens-- I am holding a sale on Mr. Chicken Prints. The Supersized Chickens are being offered at a reduced price, and the little trading cards will have free shipping--yippie!!! The Supersized prints are normally $17.50 plus shipping, but for the holidays will be sold for only $10-- yes it's true!...Get that poulty while you can!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Mr. Chicken Gets a Day Job...#15A

After the cancellation of his highly acclaimed PBS series, Mr. Chicken is distraught to the extent of wanting to hack off his ear. Instead of resorting to such drastic measures, he puts down the palette and opts to get a day job in a quaint little Pennsylvania town. Here he becomes a top salesman of paper goods, all the while donning the most dashing of trends in office wear...Naturally, as a result he becomes quite the lady killer-- the spectacles say it all of course...just don't ask what else is in the beet pie....

(It's another freaky little painting in my Mr. Chicken series! :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Back to Surrealism!

(And watercolors)...It's been a while since I've worked in watercolors, and as a result of the recent sales of two of my surrealistic watercolor pieces, I thought it would be a good choice to do something of the same genre....

I'm calling this piece Fragility-- and as usual, take from it what you will :)...Her skin is meant to look like broken glass, and she is holding an egg...This photo was taken about a week ago, so it already looks a little different, as I've introduced more browns in the piece...(I'm still not sure if that is the right call!) :O ...we'll see-- I have a feeling this piece will evolve over time.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Howard Jones!!! It's not just a Hotel....

I completely forgot about this song until I stumbled across it accidentally...I loved this song when I was a wee little thing...we had it on our family juke box when I was in elementary school and such...WAY long time ago, but the feeling the songs gets at is still the same...further proof that young ones are in touch with adult's interesting how melody effects emotions, and those related parts of the brain...anyway-- enjoy!!!!...and oldy but goody you could say :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Adios Little Ones!!!! :)

The last 2 weeks have been rather fruitful-- 2 large paintings and one little one out the door, into the homes of 2 very cool people. Thanks Nila and Gary!!! :)...time to work on some more surrealism! I've started a new sketch...should be kind of freaky and beautiful at the same time :)...Here are my babies that flew the coop!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Mr. Chicken Paints Happy LIttle Trees...#14A

Upon discovering his newfound love of trees, Mr. Chicken decides to pay an homage. He therefore pulls out the paints, does his hair in the style of lush shrubbery, and airs a highly successful painting show which obtains a cult-like status...In the artful world of Mr. Chicken there are no accidents-- only happy little mistakes, excitable perms, and happy little trees. Paint tree Chicken san, wash brush..

Friday, September 11, 2009

Where is My Mind?...the Pixies...

More good painting music!...or creative endeavor music ;)...and of course, you can't go wrong with cute doggies, so this is all around good! (for lack of a better adjective :)...I was listening to this in my car, then while drawing...and then while making handmade recycled's just GOOD!!! Hope you like it too :)

PS: the fact that the Pixies influenced Nirvana is pretty f%$$#@!!! cool too! ;)...Yeah!! :) ....

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hey Man, You Can Be Girly and Badass at the Same Time...

Think skulls and butterflies...this is what I have been working on lately. It was a drawing originally intended for a t-shirt design, but I'm not sure exactly where it will end up...It almost looks like a tattoo design at this point...either way, it was fun to work in ink again for a while. Nothing like a good old Bic pen. It's amazing what you can create artistically with inexpensive materials! :D

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Here it is!!!

The gigantic oil painting I worked on for about 5 months is now finished! Well, I actually finished it about a month ago, but I wasn't able to post it until now due to some camera issues...I had a basic vision of this one, but it definitely evolved over the months into a whole new creature...I've packed it with personal symbolism, but take from it what you will people! I love it when people find their own meaning in my whacky, crazy artwork...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Free Shipping Sale!!!

I don't know about you, but I love a good sale! (I'm guessing lots of us do-- yeah!!!) Anyway, I noticed there's some big world-wide free shipping sale going on this weekend on Etsy, so I thought I would participate. I've decided to offer free shipping on all my Surreal prints and hand-cut ACEO mats-- here are a few of them!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mr. Chicken is a Tree Huggin Hippie...#13A

After his recent aquisition of a bonzai tree, Mr. Chicken feels inspired to commune with nature. As a result, he decides to head to the nearest rainbow gathering, where he consumes mass quantities of granola, digs holes in which to deficate, and also does not bathe for over a week. In addition, he forms a special bond with a tree he now refers to as "Momma."

Friday, July 3, 2009

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Here's a Good One! :D

Let this blog not be strictly about visual art, cyberspace people!!!....I am a BIG fan of are most people I am guessing. I love music. I love the way it makes me think, and the way it makes me feel. The way a song can "grab" you, you know? And not just the lyrics, but the melody as well. The whole package really...I actually find it necessary to listen to music when I am painting. It makes me "feel" more. I like to "feel" when I paint. It's all about picking the right song, for the right mood, for the right painting...(usually)...

I had to listen to this song tonight. It felt right. It is the right song for right now. For this exact moment in time, this is the right song. You know what I mean? A certain song that you can relate to at a certain point in your life? Music is a good thing.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Painting Update...

The Painting gets greener!...nice and creepy... :D

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dude-- I am MOVING!!!! :D

Not to a new city or anything, but to another place here in Savannah. The coolest part is that I will be living with a dog!!!! Her name is Molly and she is completely adorable :) I think she's some kind of chocolate lab mix with maybe a little bit of pit pull in her. She is such a sweetie. She loves belly rubs and following me and my soon-to-be roomate around. Nothing I like more than a dog that is a glutton for attention-- yeah!!! :) And she is a rescue dog too!

Needless to say I haven't been able to do much artistically for a couple of days, but that's OK. First things first...then more painting...and then more petting the dog...and then more painting...and then maybe a bacon cheeseburger...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thee Painting Evolves....

This is actually a recreation of the last watercolor painting I created in college. It was a response to a car accident I was in shortly before September 11, 2001. As a result I created this piece, called "Comfort." (When you're in freakish pain you need comfort, you know?)...Unfortunately the original watercolor painting was stolen off a gallery wall while I was in a group show in Madison WI, circa 2003...or was it 2004?.... As of that date, it was my most cherished piece, so I was very upset when it was suddenly gone. I had one crappy photo of it, and from this photo I began recreating it in oils this February, and with more color. It was originally monochromatic and in Payne's Gray.

It is evolving into something slightly different now. It is still about feeling pain--the emotion is similar, but the cause is different. It is not about physical pain now as much. The tear drops are new. They were not in the original. Not sure how this one will end up, it keeps changing...I'll have to keep posting new pics until it is complete.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Keeping on keeping on...

I started oil painting in February. This is something I hadn't done in years...I completed a few chickens and told myself I woudl go back to the same old, same old (watercolor/mixed media) etc...

But suddenly I am enjoying this oil painting thing..I am loving the exploration of a new medium...something "clicked" in a good way. For some reason, oil paintin is freeing...(I'm not as much of a perfectionist in this media perhaps)...

If anyone out there in cyberspace is contemplating trying an new artistic medium I would highly recommend it! It can be both rewarding, freeing...and lead to new ideas..and stuff....

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Olivia was Adopted-- Yeah!!!!! :)

I am so happy for her. What a sweet, gentle little dog-- I am so glad she found a great home!!! :) I spoke to one of her vet techs this morning and apparently Olivia's condition was genetic. It was not contagious to either humans or dogs, but she will need monthly treatment for the rest of her life. I am so glad someone has taken her in-- she's a lovely dog and deserves great life! :)

Here's another little cutie I have spent time with at the Savannah Human Society :) His name is Pokie! (he's a shepard/husky mix :)

I've taken this guy on a walk and also spent time brushing him and hugging him. He is a lovable dog who seemed to want petting and hugs even more than the brushing!-- what a sweetie!!! At one point this morning he had both his arms on my shoulders while I petted him :)-- what a cute doggie!!!! He will be at the doggie carnival in Forsyth Park tomorrow too it looks like-- I hope someone gives him a great home!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Started Volunteering at the Humane Society!!!

If there is one thing I may love even more than art, it is dogs!!! Seriously, if I had any skills in science I would have become a veterinarian or something. I just love doggies!!!!

To get my dog fix, I decided to start volunteering at the local humane society here in Savannah, GA. So far I walk the dogs, and pet and hug them :) They are so sweet and need lots of love. (so if anyone in Savannah needs a dog, they have a lot of sweeties)!!!

I am particularly fond of "underdogs" know, the ugly and or disabled dogs...I just can't help myself. This photo is a stock photo, but I thought it was appropriate. I am especially fond of this dog at the Savannah Humane Society named Olivia. She is a sweet little dog that once had a severe case of mange. She has been there a few months and no one yet has adopted her :(...I know she had mange because at one point on her cage was a photo of how she looked-- like a burn victim. Natually my heart went out to her. She is now cured of the mange, but has a bit of the scarring and may not be as cute as other dogs. She is so sweet though, and needs a good home.

I currently live in an apt where I can't have pets, but I would love to adopt her!! I hope someone does-- she's such a sweetie!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday, April 3, 2009

Mr. Chicken Has His Beer...

I really like this one! :D...Here is the finished version in oils, measuring 12 by 16 inches...nothing like a drunken chicken...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Recent Watercolor Style...

I have a tendency to work in a variety of styles...surrealism, realism..CHICKENS...and also-- abstracted nature? This is the best way I can describe this type of art I have been doing, (on and off), for the last year or two. I find it relaxing because it starts out with the wet into wet technique (with watercolors), and ends with a lot of fun detail! (and I love detail :)-- here I find the best of both worlds in terms of creation. I used both watercolor and gouache in this painting.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mr. Chicken is now Supersized...and in Oils...

Yup, that's right-- Mr. Chicken is now being offered up in a "supersized" format-- thanks McDonalds! :O.....

Uh, anyway. The Mr. Chicken series originally began as a bunch of artist's trading cards-- (you know, baseball card size art). I had a number of people ask, "do you have that in a larger version?" Alas, at the time I did not. Now I do-- yeah!!! I am selling the prints now in a larger format-- 5 by 7 with an 8 by 10 mat.

Even better, I am recreating some of my best sellers even LARGER and in oils. "Mr. Chicken Has His Beer" is the first one I finished. I am currently working on a larger, oil version of "Vitruvian Chicken," and also "Mr. Chicken Goes Scuba Diving." Good stuff...

Monday, March 2, 2009

I Love Irish People...

And I'm not just saying this 'cause I'm part Irish! (but I am-- 25% mind you-- apparently my great-grandpa was a Finnian)...(Dad says Grandma was "shanty Irish"-- real PC)!!! ...anyway...

I just love Sinead Lohan. I don't listen to a lot of "new music." ie: anything current. Call me old school, but I listen to stuff from when I was young, as well as music when I was either in utero, or before I was born. I just love her stuff though. I saw her in concert in Madision, WI when I was in my early 20's and it was AWESOME!!!! I would love to see another performance! :) Here is a song I found via You Tube :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I've Started Oil Painting Again!!!!!

Yeah!!! To tell you the truth, it's been years since I have completed an oil painting, so this is a bit of an experiment, if you will...

For some reason, watercolor seems to click with me. I wanted to get back into oils though, as the color is so intense and saturated in comparison. They take so long to dry though! GRRR!!!!!!! The colors get all blendy and mushy and ....stuff...

Here is the start of my painting anyway. It will probably look much different when it is completed. It is a big one too-- 30 by 40 inches!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Here's Some November Rain for Ya!

Another song/video I am rather fond of :) I really have absolutely no reason to post this video, other than the fact I really like this song-- it's good stuff!...yup, nothing like some good old G and R.... hope you like it! It makes me want to go and paint! It has a certain "mood" to it, that is condusive to artistic endeavors....

(Here's to the late 80's and early 90's...and hair bands?...)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

So Long Decrepit Muse! :)

I recently sold this original painting out of my studio--yeah!!!! Just in time to fix my car too-- excellent timing :) I think I will miss this painting. I'm definitely glad I sold it though. It's funny how we can get attached to our creations. I suppose now I will have to create one I like even more.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Karate Chicken...#12A

Today Chicken-san travels back to 1984-- a special time in our nations history, featuring feathered bangs and spectacular bands like Bananarama...Here Chicken-san prepares to dethrone the testosterone driven Cobra Kai-- a quaint little group of martial artists with a fondness for pimple cream and showing no mercy. However, Chicken-san will not be squished like grape. Chicken-san is best around. BONZAI!!!!! (Paint fence Chicken-san...sand floor)....

Yuppers :) This is another artist's trading card, created using gouache on watercolor paper. Can ya tell I'm a child of the 80's? Go Ralph Macchio! :D

Monday, February 2, 2009

Back in Georgia....

I though I would celebrate this by making more friendship bracelets for my 3rd Etsy shop, Pookietown. I did a Christmas sale that wiped out my inventory, so now it's time to restock! Here is one of my latest. These things are pretty cool because they are one size fits all, and you can actually use them as book marks too I suppose. Perhaps that would be a good marketing strategy...hhmmm...

Monday, January 26, 2009

I went to Dr. Sketchy's for my Birthday! :)

July 2007 Sketchy's
Originally uploaded by Olive Talique
It was a fun time -- Think drinking, drawing, and debauchery!...this photo was actually taken at the last Dr. Sketchy's I went to before I moved to Georgia. (It's like Where's Waldo-- can you find me? :)

To make the evening even cooler I won two of the contests, which resulted in a new sketchbook and also a pack of soft pastels. yeah! I was really needing a new sketchbook too, so it worked out quite nicely!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I like this video :)

To be specific, I really like this song...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mr. Chicken Loves His Rubber Ducky...#11A

After a long and adventurous weekend, it is time for Mr. Chicken to take a nice warm bubble bath with his special friend-- Rubber Ducky!!! Not only he is cute, yellow, and chubby... he makes bath time lots of fun! WAK WAk!...

This is the latest in my Mr. Chicken series :) They are artist trading cards painted on watercolor paper using gouache. The last 2 were custom orders involving excessive amounts of drunken revelry-- fun stuff!!!! ... after all the good times I figured he might need a bath... And you know a bath would not be complete without a rubber ducky! :)