Sunday, June 29, 2008

I've Gone Goth!...uh..For One Evening Anyway...

So generally speaking, I'm very, VERY boring...especially when it comes to my appearance...think baggy pants, t-shirt, no makeup...etc...I'm very much a plain, boring person...I have a big nose too, which does not help...

I therefore just had to share this photo! :) My friend Denniele took it. She is a grad student over at SCAD, and is majoring in photography. She applied the makeup and gothed me out, as she was working on a specific project....I generally wear no makeup, and do no more with my hair than wash it, brush it, and put it in a headband...I think this is the only photo of me on the internet...I don't photograph well, so this is the best I can offer! :O....Heya freaky!!! :)

PS: This photo scares the crap out of my boyfriend! :)...every time he sees it he's all "AHHH!!!"...It freaks him out...he says I'm cute and sweet...and it's just not me ;)...I just love hearing him shreak every time he sees it... heheheh!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Flash Back in Time...its Punk Rock Chicken...

#1A...I realized I never had a video go go with this here we go! :O

Meet Mr. Chicken. He works undercover and takes on many secret identies. Today he is Punk Rock Chicken, but who knows who he will be tomorrow...

(Ya know...Sid Vicious is still among us...well, according to my boyfriend anyway-- dude had a mohawk back in the day apparently... :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Snitterdog Lost it's Front Page Virginity! :)

For the first time ever Snitterdog was on the front page! Yeah!!! Alas, no sales resulted, but it was fun nonetheless :)...The Greene Fairy has been on the front page twice, but this is a first for my "main" shop :)

It's funny that my "main" shop is not the more successful of the two...I guess I call it my "main" shop becuase it's the first one I opened...It's also closer to my true personaltiy-- odd, goofy, and strange... :) Oh well, I can see why The Greene Fairy may end up fairing's not quite as odd...I really like odd, so I'm really pulling for Snitterdog! ;)...I'll be happy with whatever little straws of success I can grasp though! :) if The Greene Fairy kind of becomes my "main" shop, so be it! :)...I'll still do my odd little paintings though... :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mr. Chicken Plays With His Beaker...#7A

Yes, it is true...I have been neglecting Mr. Chicken..:O...But no More!!! :)...Here is the latest in the adventures of Mr. Chicken :)....

After spending a day and a half in bed with the hangover from hell, Mr. Chicken is back in the game. To prevent such a God-awful plague in the future, he decides to get in touch with his inner Mr. Wizard, and concoct the perfect chemical cure for a hangover...Alas, he does not find it...He does however, come up with a magical elixir which allows him to travel back in time....

(I've had the next one #8A in my head for about 2 months-- I really need to get it down on paper soon :)...hint: he travels back to the 1500's...:)...(I think it's the 1500's anyway :)-- I'll have to check history to be sure!

And for the accomanying video-- it's in the science neighborhood :) I almost went with a Back to the Furture video-- but that's another Mr Chicken adventure! :) Ah, happy childhood memories-- another flick from the 80's I used to watch when I was a wee little thing! :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

My First Craft Fair-- Yeah! :)

How exciting!:) I always wanted to do it, and this time I finally took the plunge! :)...Tehnically it was a "bazaar," which I think means, craft fair/flea market...(not sure :)...It was a good time, and I actually met 3 other Etsy sellers!..Angela, from PaintingWPassion, Kathryn Reichert, of Kathry Riechert Jewlery, and Robin Lynne, of Savannahsoapkitchen! :) That may have been the highlight...

I met 2 of my 3 goals too :) Yeah!

1) sold at least one thing! ...(I though it would be good to aim small, so I met at least one of the goals)!
2) I recouped the entry fee-- that's always nice! :)
3) I didn't make a "butt load" of money, but I had a feeling that might be unatainable in 95 degree weather at my first outdoor craft fair :)....I did sell something from each of my Etsy shops, so that was an added bonus!

Thought I would share some of the things I learned...and some of the great advice I got from people on the forums! :)

1) Get ready a week in advance-- definitely a good idea! I was rushing around for the 4 days preceeding...AHHH!!! :)

2) if it's an outdoor craft market, bring lots of sunscreen and put it on EVERY inch of exposed skin...:)...I missed a couple of spots, and I have a funky sunburn at the bottom of my kneck, and my upper left arm...Eek! :)

3) Water, beverages and snacks-- thirst quenching and yummy! I'm really glad I bought that mini cooler for the water!-- very hot and humid out :)

4) For outdoor fairs, a battery powered fan works great in the summer...I got one for $5, at *that store*...un...don't tell :) was a life saver in the heat! :)

5) Making friends with your fellow crafters is fun!...It's fun in itself, and it's always nice to have someone watch your back when you have to take a potty break...or an "out in the sun too long" break :)

6) Bring lots of change for your customers, and keep an eye on your moola :)...I've heard some people like fanny packs, I kept mine in a locked box...that I watched like a hawk-- out of sight :)

7) I've heard 2 different theories on how to "lay out" your items..some say group like items together, and others say scatter your you get more than "just a glance...."....I tried it both ways (I rearranged)...I didn't notice a pattern with sales though....(it was a smallish bizarre, as it is new, and not well known yet-- hopefully it will be :)...I'll have to get back to you guys about rearranging the items and which layout works better-- though maybe it's different for everyone :)

8) Smile and say hello to customers! :) Friendly without "stalking" is a good thing! :) Yeah friendly people! :)

Anyway :) Thanks to everyone who gave me such great advice on the forums-- it was a great discussion-- thanks! :)....May some of this advice go on and help others :)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I did a custom Alchemy Order! :)

Yeah! This is very exciting to me...I generally get...the "convobot regrets"...etc....YOU SUCK!!!! no!!! ....This time I got a yes :) exciting! :) This is what I created for someone :)...It's a Rowan leaf, for a little girl named Rowan :) I like how this one turned out...tomorrow I'm off to start another custom order...a 4 leaf clover! :)...In my "Greene Fairy" style...I hope it turns out well! :)....