Friday, March 28, 2008

My Latest Hand Embroidered Greeting Card :)

Yes! I finally finished one....I came to the conclusion I should do another card of some type, as it has been quite some time since I last did one...(I've been focusing more lately on painting, and also setting up my art studio :)....So here it is--ode to spring :)....Cute little tulips all obsessively hand embroidered using the satin stitch technique....

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm so tired....(think nasty congestion cold and the Beatles circa 1968 (?)

Oh yeah, I've got a bad cold....I was really tired on Monday night and took a 3 hour nap...The next morning I had some kind of nasty cough, congestion, phlem thing going on...(yeah, I know...pretty isn't it :D)...Thus, I have not worked on my art in a number of days :( I thought I would post this image I created in college-- as I am headed for bed after this :)...It was an homage to my beloved Beatles...It is an original etching/print that I altered with colored pencil...I had this phase in college where I couldn't stop drawing John Lennon's nose....It really is a very nice nose :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ooga Booga!

That's what comes to mind when I think of this most recent illustration...:) The assignment was to create a card to be given to an inmate, expressing that the person giving the card, forgives the inmate, for infact, being an inmate...Does that make sense? Sometimes I don't articulate myself very well . :P...Interesting stuff :D This is an assignment I did for Parkards...One could look at this picture and see peace and serenity, or forgiveness-- It kind of has that calm, blue water thing going for it....but at the same time...It kind of has that dead people with cold blue hands, kind of thing going for it too.....Not to be too morbid or anything :P

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Need a Greeting Card? Check out Groovey Crafts! :)

Groovey Crafts is crafty indeed! Her shop on Etsy offers a variety of paper crafts, including greeting cards, envelopes, ACEO's (artist trading cards), and book marks. I am particulary fond of her greeting cards, such as the cutie shown here :) When creating her greeting cards, Groovey often incorates collage, decorative paper, peel offs, and rubber stamping. Good stuff! Feel free to check out her shop on Etsy, and her blog too :)

joining Etsy is easy and free! :)...seriously, it is....takes all of 2 minutes to come up with a username and fill in your info....come on....ya know you want too :D

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mr. Chicken Goes Scuba Diving...

Today Mr. Chicken explores the seas of exotic Oregon, as some kind of..."Pirate ship"....has been roaming around the coast since about 1985....Rumor has it there is some loot that could save Mr. Chicken's little town....Wait, what's that there behind him....

This is #4A in my Mr. Chicken series....(there will be a "B" series.....the mysterious forces that be will enable this down the road... he he he!!!!!) This one in particular was inpired by partially by my love for The Goonies :) When I was in 3rd grade-- a VERY long time ago, I had this phase where I would watch that movie about 3 times per week....I remember once I rewound the entire movie by hand (held my finger on the rewind buttom) because I didn't know how to operate the VCR correctly :) It was worth it--nothing like The Truffle Shuffle on a Sunday afternoon... :P ...maybe Mr. Chicken should try the Truffle Shuffle.....

Friday, March 7, 2008

I Have Switched Over to the Dark Side...

Well, in terms of my layout anyway! I thought the "dark dot" theme would go great with Frampton chicken :) It matches his lights....I think I will be playing around with the layout for a while, (I'm still kind of new to the blogging world-- we'll see how it goes :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Yeah, I did it....I went and opened another Etsy Shop...

So I'm on Shop #3 now! I know, I know.....having 3 shops could spread a person thin I've heard. This is what I've heard in the forums anyway. But the way I see it, why not? I have A LOT of different arts and crafts I do, and they don't always mesh.... and I have the time--not raking in a bunch of sales thus far, so I have time for fun! :) In this new shop, which I call Pookie Town, I have my fun and casual jewelry. ( friendship bracelets so far :). Part of the rationale here was to seperate my playful jewelry from my fine art-- figured it would make my shop(s) more organized....Hopefully this works! Here's the link: )