Monday, April 2, 2012

Where the Heck have I been!?!?

That's That's a good question!-- I just realized I haven't blogged in about 3.5 months-- that's very unlike me!!!...Life has just been crazy busy, and lots of changes going on...

A brief summary...took a break from socializing and art for 2 months to focus on school...left old another studio 2 months later...hung an art show (post to follow), and got into nursing school! :)...essentially it was a nice little hiatus to refocus and realign my goals-- and it looks like it's gonna work out-- yeah!!! ( In my ideal world I'm a nurse half the week and an artist the other half ;) ...Oh-- and here's the latest chicken!!! I guess it's fitting-- it kind of represents the much needed mental vacation I took...ah, so refreshed!