Saturday, May 24, 2008

I've Decided to Have a Holiday Weekend Sale! :)

So I've been participating in this really cool thing on Etsy called the ACEO Bounty challenge...It's this thread in the forums where people come up with "challenges," or ideas, that people can choose from to create ACEO's :)....Anyone on Etsy can pop in with a challenge, or create their own work of art in response to any of the challenges :) Anyone can buy these works of art, or anyone can win it-- we're not sure when the pot will be up for grabs! :)

I've done a few for my Snitterdog shop, and I think 7 or so for my other shop, The Greene Fairy. (The picture seen here was made in response to the challenge to create an ACEO with the theme "butterfly").

The gals participating in the bounty got their heads together and decided it would be fun for a bunch of us to do a sale this weekend! Yeah for Sales! :)...Some people are offering free shipping, and some are additionally offering 2 for one deals, reduced prices, etc...I decided to to a half price sale on all my ACEO bounty items in both stores, and offer free shipping...It is afterall, a holiday-- we could all use a treat!....And I sold one print of this butterfly today-- yeah! I'm so happy! :)...

I wish there was more time in the day so I could just create and create and create!!!! :)...I have all these ideas, and just not enough time....ARG!@!!! I'm loving being busy and doing all this art though-- fun stuff! :)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

How Far Have You Come in a Year?

This is what I asked myself today...why? :)...Because May 17th, 2007 was one of the crappiest, most depressing days in my life...but that is a different blog post :)Actually, I might have to write a book about that one, or submit an article to some kind of periodical (not that it would necessarily be published though:)...I often dwell on the negative, and believe me, there's plenty of it...but today I want to look at how my life has improved from that sucky day, and the progress I have made in one year...Here are some of the good things :)

1) I conquered my fear of computers. After dropping out of at least 3 computer classes over the years, I took Introduction to Computer Graphics at a community college up in Madison...Granted I freaked out, and had to get a tutor...but I finished the class, and actually am still using Photoshop! :)

2) I moved across the country...I still can't believe it...I'm a total chicken in most ways, but I decided to leave my state of origin, which I lived in my whole life ....and try something different...weeeeelll, I WAS going to go to graduate school, but then didn't....please refer to #3 directly below! :)...One intersting thing to note, is that my first FULL day in Georgia, was the very day my Saturn returned to it's exact point where it was on the day I was born...this happens only once every 29 years folks!...another post I should do I guess-- Saturn returns! :)

3) I recognized on the first day of graduate school it was going to be a very bad day 3 I was miserable and hated it...I then "declined to attend" the college, and got out before I lost a bunch of money and also my sanity...I felt very, very bad, guilty, and depressed about this at the time...I still occasionaly wonder what if, but I know in my gut...there's a better grad school out there for me-- and I would love to attend it someday! :)...perhaps I will elaborate on this more later, at some point...I will say it closed some doors, but opened others!

4) With new found time on my hands-- I joined Etsy! :)...I wanted to join Etsy when I first heard of it, in that time, however, I did not possess the computer skills...How do you upload a photo? :)...At the time I did not know...and just what is "resolution"...:)...I'm still learning :) I still can't believe I have artwork on the internet :). I'm not a big seller, but the fact that I've actually put it out there, makes me really happy! :)

5) I realized who I am not, and who I will never be...I am never going to be a doctor, or a nurse, or a teacher, or a lawyer...or any of those other "white collar" professions...I did well in school, well enough to get a fellowship to that grad school I was going to go to...but it's just not me. I'm really an introvert, and I'm kind of an artsy, scruffy tomboy...I have a small group of friends and do like people, but am often very shy, and am not comfortable in social situations...I'm also not comfortable in "dressy" clothes...I'm kind of like a weird little hobbit creature who doesn't really fit into the world...Now with these traits, how could I have one of those above mentioned careers? ......I think I'm finally starting to except that I will never have one of the socially "acceptable" careers, even if my family can't accept it....

6) I'm starting to learn this blogging thing! :)...Now if I can just figure out how to cut and paste multiple pictures throughout one blog post, I'll be set! :)

Here's a question for you cyber space people..if anyone is reading...maybe not? Who knows...but just in case:

How far have you come in one year? Has your life changed for the better? :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Never Ending Painting....:D.....

So I began this painting in the fall of 2001....(yeah...2001)...Octoberish to be precise. It was the last painting I did (er...began), while in college. (I was an art major at UW Madison)....I did graduate that December, but I never finished this painting :) I have been working on it lately...(on and off anyway, in between my handmade paper projects, and other artwork :)....

I tried to pack this painting with symbolism...I was really into symbolism when I was in college...In this one I have some astrological references related to that time...there was some VERY screwey stuff going on in the cosmos during the fall of 911 :(....If I recall, I think Pluto and Mars had some significant scariness going on...I'd have to go back and look....

I do know that a lot of people, including myself, were having accidents and other problems during that time-- I had a very bad whiplash injury that screwed up my neck and back...and ulimately my legs...LONG story...I put a little bit of that "chronic pain" element in this painting as well....So I kind of have this mystical wish that once I finally finish this painting I will be able to run again!-- I was a runner before the accident :) I know, I'm kind of a dork- but you never know! :)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sheep Paper!...Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You!... :)...

Here is a little glimpse into my fun and crazy world of paper making! :)...This particular batch is destined for New York, as a thank you gift to Ozknits :)...In this batch I am using my usual pulp of 100% post consumer recycled office paper and other little tidbits, such as embroidery thread, sequins, and other glittery "thingies.".... :) Here I am also using "mystery knitting fibers" from Oz...Feel the power of the sheep! :)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Karaoke Chicken....

After a few hour of heavy drinking, Mr. Chicken is more than just mildly inebriated...He's completely bombed....So, he heads to the bathroom, pukes a few times...and then heads for the stage. Here he gives us his best Pat Benatar...which is in fact, very... very bad....yes, love is a battlefield a battlefield...

"Karaoke Chicken" is an original gouache painting, created on 140 lb, cold pressed watercolor paper. It measures 2.5 by 3.5 inches making it an ACEO, (or artist's trading card). He is number 6A in the series :)

Stay tuned for more adventures in the life of....MR. CHICKEN!!!!!!