Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm having a Black Friday Sale...Ooh! How exciting! :D

Here's to American consumerism at it's worst...or best? :) Hell yeah!!!!

So I know this is supposedly the biggest shopping weekend of the year in this country...suposedly...So I went ahead and did it...I decided to have a sale. I am putting my 8 1/2 by 11 inch prints up for grabs at half price this weekend :) we'll see how it goes :O

Sorry for such a short post but it's Thanksgiving and I am feeling completely unmotivated..

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Finally listed the Wierdo Kinky Dog Picture...

Here it is! Nice and strange ;) This is another one of my medium sized, originals I recently listed on Etsy. It is a gouache painting I created for a local erotica show here in Savannah. It measures roughly 8 by 10 it's not too big, but big enough! ;)

Of course I had to tag it as "mature" and make the first pic "child friendly"...(if that's really possible)....For the record, the little strap on atop the doggies head was not my idea-- you can thank my friend Brian for that one. He said something to the effect of, "well why don't you just go all out and put a strap on on the dogs head?" So I did, and named the piece "Brian's Boner"...Anyway, I think it's a strange and fun little work of art. Remember people, love your pets...but don't "love" you pets... :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm Throwing Caution to the Wind...I've decided to list Originals..

Yes it's true! I've decided to start listing some of my larger originals on Etsy. I was reluctant to do so for the longest time, as I was not sure if people would want to shell out that much money on the internet. I've come to the conclusion though, what do I have to loose, other than the listing fee?...So here I am listing larger originals :)-- and when I say larger originals, I mean anything over 4 by 6 inches :)

I listed this one tonight. It is called "In Separation of Continents" and was created on 140 lb. watercolor paper using watercolor and gouache. I was going for a beautiful yet melancholy feeling with this one :)....perhaps with a tad bit of nostalgia...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Well That's Cool! :D

Life is funny. I think a lot of us artists have felt rather bummed out lately, with the economy affecting sales and all...but then when you least expect it-- something really cool happens! :)

So I checked my email this morning, mainly to see if my Dad was sending out one of his "Vero Beach Updates," (a humorous update on his adventures in Florida)...and I found something completely unexpected that made me feel a lot better about my artistic situation :)

I've been featured on the Art Channel of Talent Database! Yeah!!! :)

It's not as if I have won the Pulitzer Prize or anything, but still, this really made my day! :) I guess this means that even if your art doesn't fit in at most artistic venues, it might be appreciated elsewhere :) This gives me hope. Here's to the freaky artists everywhere! :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Meet the Patron Saints of My Art Studio...

I bring you...trailer trash barbie and drag queen Ken! :D ...

I know, terribly politically correct isn't it?...Now, you can't really tell, but Barbie is actually sporting a "delicate" condition underneath the cross dressing Ken :)...*prego*....Don't worry people-- this is all in good cheer :) I'm mega liberal! :D

I used to embarass my older sister Kim terribly. I had a fondness for putting my barbies in the Christmas stockings that hung from our stairwell, and would also hang them in odd positions from the Christmas tree...OK, once in a while they would be naked. Heheheh!!!! (I always enjoyed getting a rise out of my sister-- she was so squeamish)!....and I did this of course when I was like 10 or 11 years old...yes, it's true-- I've always been one to push the envelope a bit! :O ...

Now that I'm on the subject, let me tell you about the time I gave Jem a facial. (For those of you who dont' recall, Jen was this gigantic barbie in the late 1980's who had earrings that actually lit up)...So I decided to give her a facial this one time by wrapping her entire head in a cast of wet toilet paper and baby powder...she kind of ended up permanently albino after that...she kinda had some kind of pre-Michael Jackson skin thingie...very strange.... :)

Friday, November 7, 2008

3 Custom Orders in the Same Week! Ahhh!!!

Actually, it's a good thing :) I admit I was kind of stressed out for the first couple of days, but after order #1 was done I felt a lot better.

That was a pretty cool request. I made 3 friendship bracelets with hand embroidered astrological symbols. The colors represented the particular astrological signs :) And as I am a fan of astrology I thought this idea was pretty neat-- Ooh! I might have to make one for myself!...(I'm a wierdo Aquarian with a Capricorn rising and moon in Leo :)

In addition, I'm working on another custom order for a total of 5 friendship bracelets, and also a personalized Mr. Chicken painting.... (I am working this one into the series). Initially, Mr. Chicken was next going to get in touch with his inner Mr. Myaiagi (how spell)?)...but now he his taking a detour to Quebec for a weekend of personal enjoyment :)...don't worry-- he won't do anything illegal... :D