Thursday, December 19, 2013

New Beginnings :) ..and Transitions...

I believe that is what this year has been about--the last couple of years really, but this year especially. I was knocked down in so many ways I could not lie...things are changing in so many ways I don't even know what's around the next bend. Oddly though, I feel stronger, and I'm ok with the "gray areas". I've learned a lot. I am not a fan of sorrow or hardship, but I am thankful to learn lessons, and also thankful I've learned to guard my heart and also who to trust--I've always tried to see the best in people and love and trust everyone..but I've learned that this is not always a good idea. It makes me sad, but it is true. Sometimes those who you think you can trust will hurt you, or were never really there to begin with. As an optimist in human nature I never wanted to admit this..but based on what I've experienced it may be true..Still though, I think we can still treat all humans with good and kindness and still guard our hearts and's tricky but I think but can be done. (I'm still trying to figure out the logistics!!)...Anyway..based on all this, I've been exploring new grounds and expanding old ones with sewing and embroidering, as it's therapeutic an enjoyable!..I hope to expand this series as my heart and mind opens further :)... here are some samples of the sewing I have been doing as of late!..I hope you enjoy it, and that it may inspire you in some way!! :)..there is a lot of good out there!..may you find it :)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sew I Started Sewing again ;) ...

When I was a kid I really enjoyed sewing. I didn't know a lot, but what I did know I enjoyed. I first learned a bit of handsewing in 5th grade, from my teacher Ms. Havlick. We had a project where each student in the class made one hand sewn square, which the teacher then put together to form a quilt. Soon thereafter I learned some embroidery in Girl Scouts...and then in 6th grade I made a small, hand sewn quilt for my Grandma. Oddly, in retrospect-- I think this was where the roots of the chicken character really started...In the quilt for my gramma each square was made with a differentn fabric, and then I'd sew a little picture on each square that resembled the fabric. One of those squares had little chickens on it. (or perhaps duckies..I am not sure, I haven't seen it in 20 years)...anyway, that image always stuck in my head. Also, over the years, little chicken heads would pop up in my was like the Mr. Chicken character was oddly meant to be, and just kind of took a while ( a couple decades ;) to "hatch"!...Initially Mr. Chicken was all little I'm getting back into sewing as well :) When I paint, I'm a wee bit of a perfectionist and sometimes get burned out...Sewing by hand oddly relaxes me, so it's a good break in the action-- and also creates other types of merchandise. I realize sometimes people may not want a painting for their wall, but would love an item they could use, or wear, such as a headband, a key chain, or a necklace...etc...I also want to start sewing clothes, but that's another story and will come later! Here's the start of Mr. Chicken's sewn items ;)...which included a chicken doll (kind of like the traveling gnome)-- which I took everywhere and took pics of...I ended up giving him to a man in Hospice :) I'll sew another one for further adventures!...btw-- the lovely Irish lass in the picture with the punk rock chicken is my gramma. Her name was Peggy...I think we can largely credit her with helping create the chicken, as she always nurtured my artistic pursuits-- thank you gramma!! (miss you :)...

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I need to start writing again!!!

Not just in my blog, but in life..(what happened to all that creative writing I used to do?!?!)...I've realized lately I've been neglecting my happiness (artistically) because I've been doing what I though what's right (school)...suffice to say I am obsessed with school, not doing much art, and lately it's left me feeling empty- and I am beyond burnt out..which is affecting my education , my art, my happiness, etc...Overall, it's just made me think-- who the hell am I and what do I want?!?! Luckily I think I finally know the answer to that question. I want to do my art and be a nurse....It's the implementation that's hard...And I do know I hold the key to my own destiny. these 2 fields are like a total 180 from one another...I hope I can pull it off...I have an extreme love of the creative arts and also a nurturing streak that just does not end! is hard, I will not lie...who knows how this will end, all I say is that I will try my best!...and perhaps when I get stressy I shall write about it? I do in my personal journal but not here on the net! ;)I wish I had a good visual image to represent what I'm feeling and going through but I don't, as I've been so busy with school I haven't painted in 2 months... I miss it!!! lets see if I can find a cool video to represent :)...kinda!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Cha cha cha China!!! :)

So I find myself going to China tomorrow ;) LONGGGG story! The brief summary is that it is through Armstrong's nursing department-- we are studying "alternative medicine" abroad!...WaY cool!!! I've always wanted to travel but was too chicken to go by myself (no pun intended)...this seems perfect! I'll be with a bunch of other students and we'll be studying stuff that is VERY cool!!!...and in reference, here's a video, courtesy of one of my facebook buddies! ;)

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Beauty of Childhood

There is this song by Tori Amos called "Ribbons Undone.", I could be completely wrong-- because really, sometimes I am...but when I hear this one, it makes me think of childhood innocence and how precious that time of life is. I don't know about you, but when I was that age, I didn't fully grasp how special it was. I did a little I think, because I was always sentimental that way...but I felt it from more of a self-centered standpoint-- the here and now-- whatever boy I had a crush on...etc.... I didn't really grasp it from how my elders may have felt. I watched this video and started to think of my parents and grandparents and how much I appreciated them. I'm not going to lie, life wasn't perfect for me (but whose was)??...but regardless, I had a really good childhood. And I thank my Dad and grandparents for this. I hope to pay them back some day in a way--they really loved and helped me. They made me who I am, and for this I will be eternally grateful-- love you so much! Thank you :)

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Asheville Show!!!

I must admit, this was pretty exciting for me. I have never had a solo show in a state in which I do not live, let alone a state that is a couple of states away! This was the longest trip I have taken by myself in my life, and I'm a tad bit scared of long distance driving, so in many ways it was a personal victory :) What's even cooler is the night I got into Asheville, (after the longest drive I've ever taken), I found out I got into nursing school! I was sitting there, grabbing a bite to eat, checking my email on my internet phone, and there was the "email of acceptance!" It was a great weekend! :) And it was so AWESOME to show my work at The Lola Salon and Gallery. It's such a cute place, and the people are SO nice! (They do great hair cuts as well)!-- if you are in the Asheville area and need a great hair style, or some cool art, I'd highly recommend checking them out!'s some pics from the show-- Enjoy!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Where the Heck have I been!?!?

That's That's a good question!-- I just realized I haven't blogged in about 3.5 months-- that's very unlike me!!!...Life has just been crazy busy, and lots of changes going on...

A brief summary...took a break from socializing and art for 2 months to focus on school...left old another studio 2 months later...hung an art show (post to follow), and got into nursing school! :)...essentially it was a nice little hiatus to refocus and realign my goals-- and it looks like it's gonna work out-- yeah!!! ( In my ideal world I'm a nurse half the week and an artist the other half ;) ...Oh-- and here's the latest chicken!!! I guess it's fitting-- it kind of represents the much needed mental vacation I took...ah, so refreshed!