Sunday, July 27, 2008

My First Book Cover! :D

Yeah! It's been published!!! :) So last fall I had a bit of time on my hands...deciding not to go to grad school down here and I hopped on the internet and found myself a freelance illustration gig :) Here it is! :)-- the cover anyway. The book is called The Battle For Augusta, and is for sale on It's basically an allegory about the civil war and golfing...or something to that effect ...I think...(I haven't read it yet, but I'm going to get a copy)! :)

I did the cover in watercolor, and some interior illustrations in graphite. I should post those on my Flickr site now that I think of it...I think the cover turned out OK...It was kind of a rush job with a deadline, so I think it turned out as well as could be expected...If I could do it over and had more time, I might do a few things differently, but overall-- I think it looks OK for my first go at it...

Before this I illustrated a career curriculum for a non profit organization...It was black and white, and executed in pen and ink. I'm much better at drawing than painting I think. I'm also better with "non realism," so this project was a challenge. I can do realsim, but I need a photo to look at to make it accurate...with this I had to kind of make up the composition-- you know, make a composite image from a bunch of different photo references-- MUCH harder than just one photo as a reference...:O...Anyway, I hope this looks all right for the publishing world. I would love to do more professional illustration down the road :)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

I Need to Go to the Beach...

Really, I do! :) Given that I'm from the midwest, it seems to be a unique experience to suddenly be living near the ocean. I've been here about a year, and the novelty has still not worn off. I don't get out there as often as I would like because I've been really busy the last couple of months-- between my day job, my studio, and my Etsy stuff. I would like to get out there at least twice a month. I have no idea how long I will live in Savannah...could be one more year, or it could be 20 years. With this in mind, I think I need to fully appreciate it :)