Monday, September 21, 2009

Mr. Chicken Paints Happy LIttle Trees...#14A

Upon discovering his newfound love of trees, Mr. Chicken decides to pay an homage. He therefore pulls out the paints, does his hair in the style of lush shrubbery, and airs a highly successful painting show which obtains a cult-like status...In the artful world of Mr. Chicken there are no accidents-- only happy little mistakes, excitable perms, and happy little trees. Paint tree Chicken san, wash brush..


Maxnova said...

Hey, You ! I am back in Naples and the Conception of Dorothy G. has a prominent place in my livingroom. I am so happy with her, and the spirit and place in which it was obtained. The W.T.F. also has a special place, although not quite so prominent. Not everyone would understand.

My time in Savannah is now a happy memory glow. I am so glad Little Miss Sunshine is one of your favorites, as well. I saw it with my 76-yr. old mother, who just loved it. I even borke down and bought the DVD.

Do you have an email address?

Snitterdog said...

Hi Nilla! (did I spell it right)????...I'm so glad Dorothy found a great home with you!!!! You have great energy and I'm so happy you like your purchase :)...Little Miss Sunshine is pretty cool isn't it??? I just love movies about the underdogs coming out on top!...that's really cool your mom likes it too!

Here's my email: