Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Started Volunteering at the Humane Society!!!

If there is one thing I may love even more than art, it is dogs!!! Seriously, if I had any skills in science I would have become a veterinarian or something. I just love doggies!!!!

To get my dog fix, I decided to start volunteering at the local humane society here in Savannah, GA. So far I walk the dogs, and pet and hug them :) They are so sweet and need lots of love. (so if anyone in Savannah needs a dog, they have a lot of sweeties)!!!

I am particularly fond of "underdogs"...you know, the ugly and or disabled dogs...I just can't help myself. This photo is a stock photo, but I thought it was appropriate. I am especially fond of this dog at the Savannah Humane Society named Olivia. She is a sweet little dog that once had a severe case of mange. She has been there a few months and no one yet has adopted her :(...I know she had mange because at one point on her cage was a photo of how she looked-- like a burn victim. Natually my heart went out to her. She is now cured of the mange, but has a bit of the scarring and may not be as cute as other dogs. She is so sweet though, and needs a good home.

I currently live in an apt where I can't have pets, but I would love to adopt her!! I hope someone does-- she's such a sweetie!!!

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