Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thee Painting Evolves....

This is actually a recreation of the last watercolor painting I created in college. It was a response to a car accident I was in shortly before September 11, 2001. As a result I created this piece, called "Comfort." (When you're in freakish pain you need comfort, you know?)...Unfortunately the original watercolor painting was stolen off a gallery wall while I was in a group show in Madison WI, circa 2003...or was it 2004?.... As of that date, it was my most cherished piece, so I was very upset when it was suddenly gone. I had one crappy photo of it, and from this photo I began recreating it in oils this February, and with more color. It was originally monochromatic and in Payne's Gray.

It is evolving into something slightly different now. It is still about feeling pain--the emotion is similar, but the cause is different. It is not about physical pain now as much. The tear drops are new. They were not in the original. Not sure how this one will end up, it keeps changing...I'll have to keep posting new pics until it is complete.

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