Friday, May 4, 2012

The Asheville Show!!!

I must admit, this was pretty exciting for me. I have never had a solo show in a state in which I do not live, let alone a state that is a couple of states away! This was the longest trip I have taken by myself in my life, and I'm a tad bit scared of long distance driving, so in many ways it was a personal victory :) What's even cooler is the night I got into Asheville, (after the longest drive I've ever taken), I found out I got into nursing school! I was sitting there, grabbing a bite to eat, checking my email on my internet phone, and there was the "email of acceptance!" It was a great weekend! :) And it was so AWESOME to show my work at The Lola Salon and Gallery. It's such a cute place, and the people are SO nice! (They do great hair cuts as well)!-- if you are in the Asheville area and need a great hair style, or some cool art, I'd highly recommend checking them out!'s some pics from the show-- Enjoy!

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