Thursday, December 19, 2013

New Beginnings :) ..and Transitions...

I believe that is what this year has been about--the last couple of years really, but this year especially. I was knocked down in so many ways I could not lie...things are changing in so many ways I don't even know what's around the next bend. Oddly though, I feel stronger, and I'm ok with the "gray areas". I've learned a lot. I am not a fan of sorrow or hardship, but I am thankful to learn lessons, and also thankful I've learned to guard my heart and also who to trust--I've always tried to see the best in people and love and trust everyone..but I've learned that this is not always a good idea. It makes me sad, but it is true. Sometimes those who you think you can trust will hurt you, or were never really there to begin with. As an optimist in human nature I never wanted to admit this..but based on what I've experienced it may be true..Still though, I think we can still treat all humans with good and kindness and still guard our hearts and's tricky but I think but can be done. (I'm still trying to figure out the logistics!!)...Anyway..based on all this, I've been exploring new grounds and expanding old ones with sewing and embroidering, as it's therapeutic an enjoyable!..I hope to expand this series as my heart and mind opens further :)... here are some samples of the sewing I have been doing as of late!..I hope you enjoy it, and that it may inspire you in some way!! :)..there is a lot of good out there!..may you find it :)

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