Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sheep Paper!...Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You!... :)...

Here is a little glimpse into my fun and crazy world of paper making! :)...This particular batch is destined for New York, as a thank you gift to Ozknits :)...In this batch I am using my usual pulp of 100% post consumer recycled office paper and other little tidbits, such as embroidery thread, sequins, and other glittery "thingies.".... :) Here I am also using "mystery knitting fibers" from Oz...Feel the power of the sheep! :)


Helen said...

Guess what Snitter??????
I got a treasury and I had no idea what I was doing but you are in it!!!!!!!!
I'm so friggin excited I could dive into some chocolate!!

Snitterdog said...

Yeah!...thanks so much for including me in your treasury! :)...Treasuries are so fun! :)...the paper is in the mail! :)..Yeah for chocolate! :)