Monday, June 23, 2008

Snitterdog Lost it's Front Page Virginity! :)

For the first time ever Snitterdog was on the front page! Yeah!!! Alas, no sales resulted, but it was fun nonetheless :)...The Greene Fairy has been on the front page twice, but this is a first for my "main" shop :)

It's funny that my "main" shop is not the more successful of the two...I guess I call it my "main" shop becuase it's the first one I opened...It's also closer to my true personaltiy-- odd, goofy, and strange... :) Oh well, I can see why The Greene Fairy may end up fairing's not quite as odd...I really like odd, so I'm really pulling for Snitterdog! ;)...I'll be happy with whatever little straws of success I can grasp though! :) if The Greene Fairy kind of becomes my "main" shop, so be it! :)...I'll still do my odd little paintings though... :)

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