Thursday, June 5, 2008

My First Craft Fair-- Yeah! :)

How exciting!:) I always wanted to do it, and this time I finally took the plunge! :)...Tehnically it was a "bazaar," which I think means, craft fair/flea market...(not sure :)...It was a good time, and I actually met 3 other Etsy sellers!..Angela, from PaintingWPassion, Kathryn Reichert, of Kathry Riechert Jewlery, and Robin Lynne, of Savannahsoapkitchen! :) That may have been the highlight...

I met 2 of my 3 goals too :) Yeah!

1) sold at least one thing! ...(I though it would be good to aim small, so I met at least one of the goals)!
2) I recouped the entry fee-- that's always nice! :)
3) I didn't make a "butt load" of money, but I had a feeling that might be unatainable in 95 degree weather at my first outdoor craft fair :)....I did sell something from each of my Etsy shops, so that was an added bonus!

Thought I would share some of the things I learned...and some of the great advice I got from people on the forums! :)

1) Get ready a week in advance-- definitely a good idea! I was rushing around for the 4 days preceeding...AHHH!!! :)

2) if it's an outdoor craft market, bring lots of sunscreen and put it on EVERY inch of exposed skin...:)...I missed a couple of spots, and I have a funky sunburn at the bottom of my kneck, and my upper left arm...Eek! :)

3) Water, beverages and snacks-- thirst quenching and yummy! I'm really glad I bought that mini cooler for the water!-- very hot and humid out :)

4) For outdoor fairs, a battery powered fan works great in the summer...I got one for $5, at *that store*...un...don't tell :) was a life saver in the heat! :)

5) Making friends with your fellow crafters is fun!...It's fun in itself, and it's always nice to have someone watch your back when you have to take a potty break...or an "out in the sun too long" break :)

6) Bring lots of change for your customers, and keep an eye on your moola :)...I've heard some people like fanny packs, I kept mine in a locked box...that I watched like a hawk-- out of sight :)

7) I've heard 2 different theories on how to "lay out" your items..some say group like items together, and others say scatter your you get more than "just a glance...."....I tried it both ways (I rearranged)...I didn't notice a pattern with sales though....(it was a smallish bizarre, as it is new, and not well known yet-- hopefully it will be :)...I'll have to get back to you guys about rearranging the items and which layout works better-- though maybe it's different for everyone :)

8) Smile and say hello to customers! :) Friendly without "stalking" is a good thing! :) Yeah friendly people! :)

Anyway :) Thanks to everyone who gave me such great advice on the forums-- it was a great discussion-- thanks! :)....May some of this advice go on and help others :)


Brooke Brimm Jewelry Design said...

Glad it worked out for you! That post you put on etsy generated a bunch of conversation. Come by my blog and see me working nightlife shows with my jewelry and bath and body products.


Angela said...

I am so glad that I met you there! I had a wonderful time! :) I'm glad that you sold some of your items as well. Keep in mind that those who took your card may visit your online store! WOOO HOOOO! You GOOO Kerry! You gooo! LOL :) Thanks sooo much for watching my table when I had to take a potty break. That fan. Next time, I'm getting one!!! Your so smart! :)
Talk to you later,

Helen said...

Sounds like you had fun! You know we Sconnie's don't need lessons is friendliness... it comes naturally.

I hate the heat so doing anything in 95 degree weather just don't happen for me!

GreenWorks said...

Hey Greene ... glad it went well for you at the craft fair. Will try to pick up on the thread update on etsy tomorrow.
Lol at the aim small goal of one sale (I'd be like that too) ... and guess I can forgive buying the fan from "that store" ;)
Sounds like you had a ball- aside from the sunburn ... btw plain yogurt is very cooling or sunburn and helps.
Thanks for updating us - and now I've found this blog will try to keep up with posts.
Maura :)

industrialpoppy said...

Snitt, I haven't had the courage to do a craft fair yet, but I admire those who do. The hints and tips that you provided were invaluable, though, if I ever work up the confidence!

Cat (darklingwoods) said...

congrats on a smooth first show snitterdog!