Sunday, June 1, 2008

I did a custom Alchemy Order! :)

Yeah! This is very exciting to me...I generally get...the "convobot regrets"...etc....YOU SUCK!!!! no!!! ....This time I got a yes :) exciting! :) This is what I created for someone :)...It's a Rowan leaf, for a little girl named Rowan :) I like how this one turned out...tomorrow I'm off to start another custom order...a 4 leaf clover! :)...In my "Greene Fairy" style...I hope it turns out well! :)....


Anonymous said...

Ohhh how beautiful!!!I love the purple and pink in this one.I like that the purple isn't just straight. It moves!!! Your soo talented!I loved meeting you and can't wait until the next bazaar!!!
Take Care,

Robin Lynne said...


Firstly - it was good to meet you at the SMB! And thanks for taking a soap sample :D

Secondly - it occurred to me a couple days ago that I was a couple folks behind you in line at the post office .. also a few days ago. Maybe weeks.

It was funny, because you had this huge backpack and the PO worker was like "You have that big backpack and just that tiny envelope?" and I was (seriously) thinking to myself - that's so ETSY. hahaha. Anyway.

I'm so odd. So yeah! It's a small world!

That's a great piece of art! I love that purple. Good for you getting to do custom work!