Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Need to Get Crackin' With the Handmade Recycled Paper!

And I mean soon! :) I managed to snag an ad in the November issue of Craft Magazine, as part of the Etsy Cooperative Advertising Program. (I still can't believe I actually was able to get one)!...Yup, fourth time was the charm...or it was luck perhaps, I don't know ;)

Anyway, the picture you see here is the one I will have in the magazine ad. I therefore have not added it to my shop yet :) I will do so on October 20th, because that is when the subscribers to the magazine get it in the mail. I need to get my shop fully stocked with paper...I'm quite sure just how much, but more than I have now. I hope the ad works! :)...If not, I'm sure it will be a fun experiment nonetheless! :)...I've never been in a nationally circulated puplication before..(I don't think so anyway?)...

In honor of this event, I bring you papermaking music! :) I couldn't stop listening to this album during my last papermaking marathon-- yeah Irish music! :) (This is Drunken Lullabies by Flogging Molly-- good stuff)!!! :D


Helen said...

Oh lucky, lucky you! Congrats on snagging the ad. I've not been so fortunate.

Your picture is awesome and your paper is way too cool for words. I have one of mine framed!

I hope the ad brings you many sales:)

Snitterdog said...

Thanks so much Oz! :) What a wonderful compliment :) I hope it goes well...and congrats on all your recent sales-- you are kicking some serious ass! :)