Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Latest (Healthy) Addiction :)

I can't stop listening to You Tube videos....

I'm very much a fan of music. Especially good music. (Or music that I think is good anyway:) I find myself listening to a variety of videos late at night because I am a total insomniac. Perhaps it would better serve me to paint during these little episodes, but my painting supplies are at my studio...(that's my current excuse anyway:)

I especially like music that sounds rather melancholy...It suits my brooding tendencies I think. Here is a nice and weepy one! :D ....This is called Verdi Cries, and is sung by Natalie Merchant. Natalie Merchant is one of my all time favorites. I've been listening to her a lot this week, for a variety of reasons...(I also tend to go through phases where I listen to the same artist over and over for a week or so, then switch to another musician for a week or two)...anyway, here it is-- and it's good painting music too! :) I usually save the rowdier stuff for my paper making adventures! :)

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