Saturday, January 5, 2008

Snitterdog has been here :)

So I'm trying to figure out this blogging thing....hopefully this works (not too good with technology :)

I found out about this sight on Etsy, so I thought I would give it a try.... Is anybody out there...sorry (I used to listen to far too much Pink Floyd in my high school and college years).

Anway, I'm an artsy type. I work in a few differnt styles-- one of which I would consider wacky or bizzare, the other which I would consider a bit more mainstream (think stylized flowers and leaves, etc...) If you feel the urge, check it out: (for the wacky stuff) and (for the "normal" stuff :)


Jen said...

I'm trying to figure out the whole bloggy thing as well...I often wonder if anyone is out there (and I had to laugh at the Pink Floyd whole freshman year of high school was spent listening to the Wall)

Best of luck with your blog! You have lovely art, btw :)

Field Notes said...

welcome to the blogosphere =D
P.S. Your art is way cool. I like that it is strange, but still cute. That's a really hard combo and you do it well!