Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm Throwing Caution to the Wind...I've decided to list Originals..

Yes it's true! I've decided to start listing some of my larger originals on Etsy. I was reluctant to do so for the longest time, as I was not sure if people would want to shell out that much money on the internet. I've come to the conclusion though, what do I have to loose, other than the listing fee?...So here I am listing larger originals :)-- and when I say larger originals, I mean anything over 4 by 6 inches :)

I listed this one tonight. It is called "In Separation of Continents" and was created on 140 lb. watercolor paper using watercolor and gouache. I was going for a beautiful yet melancholy feeling with this one :)....perhaps with a tad bit of nostalgia...

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