Friday, November 7, 2008

3 Custom Orders in the Same Week! Ahhh!!!

Actually, it's a good thing :) I admit I was kind of stressed out for the first couple of days, but after order #1 was done I felt a lot better.

That was a pretty cool request. I made 3 friendship bracelets with hand embroidered astrological symbols. The colors represented the particular astrological signs :) And as I am a fan of astrology I thought this idea was pretty neat-- Ooh! I might have to make one for myself!...(I'm a wierdo Aquarian with a Capricorn rising and moon in Leo :)

In addition, I'm working on another custom order for a total of 5 friendship bracelets, and also a personalized Mr. Chicken painting.... (I am working this one into the series). Initially, Mr. Chicken was next going to get in touch with his inner Mr. Myaiagi (how spell)?)...but now he his taking a detour to Quebec for a weekend of personal enjoyment :)...don't worry-- he won't do anything illegal... :D

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