Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Well That's Cool! :D

Life is funny. I think a lot of us artists have felt rather bummed out lately, with the economy affecting sales and all...but then when you least expect it-- something really cool happens! :)

So I checked my email this morning, mainly to see if my Dad was sending out one of his "Vero Beach Updates," (a humorous update on his adventures in Florida)...and I found something completely unexpected that made me feel a lot better about my artistic situation :)

I've been featured on the Art Channel of Talent Database! Yeah!!! :)

It's not as if I have won the Pulitzer Prize or anything, but still, this really made my day! :) I guess this means that even if your art doesn't fit in at most artistic venues, it might be appreciated elsewhere :) This gives me hope. Here's to the freaky artists everywhere! :)


Lola said...

well done!. and thanks for that link i will have a look over there.
I love this painting here, feels like several of my all time favorite artists have been advising you!, love it.
Also the kinky dog picture at the top stood out 8)


Snitterdog said...

Aww :) Thank you so much Lola! That means so much to me :)